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getting clean has never felt so dirty


tiger cub-cake

Joe Exotic

This double butter soap is perfect for washing off even the most egregious tiger blood stains while keeping your hands as soft as a newborn bengal cub.

We are looking to the people to decide our third and final addition to the Soap Scum 2020 line. Nominate a scumbag below.



Made with double butter, just the way Prima Donald likes it, this soap can Make America Clean Again at a time when the Rona runs rampant across the nation.


Donald Trump


Nominate a scumbag

Nominate someone scummy whose scummy face deserves to be immortalized by our scummy soap. Leave your name and email, and we will let you know when our third and final addition to the Scumbag Class of 2020 Hall of Shame is announced. 

Thanks for submitting!

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